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We build and automate marketing campaigns for entire industries, MLM companies, certification organizations, and more.

Do you have a membership base in your organization, and do you need those members to effectively market themselves? Odds are you’ve tried various one-off campaigns that only garnered temporary traction, you’re underwater on compliance requests to keep your brand in check, or you just plain don’t have the right system to help your members grow their businesses.


If You Have Members, We Can Help.

Whether you’re a multi-level marketing company, certification organization, or you represent an industry niche, if you have a membership base that needs to effectively and consistently market itself, we can help. Synduit is a marketing software company focused on helping organizations and industry leaders scale their brands through distributed marketing campaigns.

Distributed Marketing Campaigns

Distributed Marketing Campaigns Make All The Difference

This is a type of marketing campaign that can be developed once and run many times anywhere around the world. We begin by learning about your business and industry, what marketing has worked for you and your members so far, and how we can automate, design, and support each and every one of your members through our Dashboard.


The Mother Of All Dashboards

The Synduit Dashboard is the most popular area of our app, since it brings together a library of templated marketing campaigns we’ve built and customized for your organization or business. Once a campaign is finished, it includes pre-written emails, social media messages, flyers and banners, letters to local businesses, Save-The-Date cards, and more, depending on the needs of your members’ audience.

Marketing Agency

How Is This Different From A Marketing Agency?

Synduit brings the best of hiring a marketing agency – namely, a boutique approach to your organization’s marketing needs – and combines it with the scalability of modern marketing automation software. With Synduit, you’ll no longer need to worry about which members have what marketing materials, whether they’re using them, and if they’re working. Our platform boasts a ten-second campaign setup process, which is always up-to-date with your latest materials. And based on campaign usage rates and member feedback, we’ll know which ones are working best. That information helps you run a better business.

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